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Engineer/producer Quintijn Verhoef has been around for some time into the world of music. He started playing guitar at an age of 11 and played guitar in several bands. While playing in bands, his interest in music recording grew more and more. After many years of experimentation and hard work, he developed himself in to a pro recording and mixing engineer and invested all money made back in to the studio.

Wanting to be able to help musicians as good as possible he also took a few years of drum lessons and vocal lessons. These skills really help him to connect with the musicians in getting them to perform at their best.

Over the last few years Quintijn recorded over almost hundred bands and now together with his studio partner Bas, the studio offers everything needed for making a great record!

Engineer/producer Bas Allein Richir has been playing drums in bands (i.a. April, Join the Cavalry, Secret Handshake Club) and as a session drummer since 1997 and has numerous recordings to his name. In recent years he has deepened his interest in drums by specializing in drum sound and drum repairs. Not in the least did 10 years of experience in maintaining the 20 drum kits at the venue and rehearsal rooms of dB’s contribute to that.

In the last couple of years Bas contributed to drum sounds on live and recording productions of bands like John Coffey, Rondé, Mary Fields, Close Up, Dudettes and Bells of Youth. He has worked with producers like Martijn Groeneveld, Joost van den Broek and Martin Beusker and gives workshops to students of Sound Education Nederland.

So besides being a promising engineer/producer, Bas is the go to guy for drummers with questions regarding drum sound, skins, tuning and drum maintenance.

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